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Needlework Fabrics history & the ADAMS needlepoint CANVAS fabrics mill.

The art of weaving has been engrained in European culture since antiquity. One of the first historical accounts comes from over 28 centuries ago, in Homer’s epic “Odyssey”, in which Queen Penelope was weaving an elegant fabric using her hand-moved wooden loom, as she was waiting for Odysseus’ return to the Greek island of Ithaca.

ADAMS needlepoint CANVAS fabrics mill was established in 1933 and has been a proud follower of this ancient tradition, while always adapting to the improvements in technology and often innovating. It is a factory dedicated in the production of needlework fabrics. With over 80 years of experience and our high-tech machinery, we guaranty the top quality our production of decorative fabrics.

The straight & square double-mesh Penelope Canvas for tapestry or gobelins, the even-weave & the Aida for counted cross-stitch are recognized of premium quality. The collection of the fabrics provided include hardangers, plaid twills, linens, Jacquard dinner tablecloths, monk, crinkle & plain fabrics, to meet client’s needs  or/and special orders.

All made of durable multiple-ply all-natural cotton yarns make our fabrics ideal for long lasting needle-works. This is why ADAMS fabrics are chosen by thousands of handcrafters to express their creativity and passion for embroidery by creating masterpieces.